Flamenco Guitar taught through private lessons with Juan Ramirez, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Each student will be taught in a way that is comfortable and rewarding for them. This will ensure that they will enjoy the lessons and most importantly, come to realise that practising the various techniques needed will not become a chore, but a pleasure when seeing the results of their endeavours!

Suitable amplification will be used when teaching any group class, in order to maximise the listening and learning experience, whereas individual lessons do not need it.

The art of Palmas – flamenco hand clapping – will also be covered in the lessons, as this is an essential element for all artists, including guitarists as well as dancers and singers to understand and perform.

There are over sixty different styles (palos) of flamenco and guitarists will be shown the differences in several of the main ones, in order to learn the structures and rhythmic contents. 

There are many levels of ability, but the important thing for everyone is just to enjoy and be sincere in whatever you yourself do!

Flamenco rhythms (Solea, Bulerias, Alegrias, Fandangos, Tangos, Seguiriyas and many more.)

Flamenco Palos

Technical study includes:

Techniques to achieve speed and dexterity.

Left-hand technique (bars, fast changes, sustain, etc.)

Right-hand technique (positions, bringing up voices, etc.)

Rasgueado (strumming technique), Alzapua (thumb technique)

Scales, arpeggios, hammer and pull-offs

Las Palmas (clapping) and Las Contras (offbeat clapping)